Occupational Health and Safety

The continuous improvement of working conditions and, in general, the improvement of quality in the working environment has become a key priority for businesses, both at national and European level. Ensuring a safe and healthy environment not only contributes to improving the quality of life and peace of mind, but also to enhancing the competitiveness and productivity of businesses.

BSE considers promoting health and safety (OSH) in the workplace extremely important, and advocates for the organized management and adoption of OSH measures in the workplace. It is at the forefront of both the social dialogue and its active and meaningful involvement in various organizations, at national and European level, in favor of bringing the issue of OSH to the comparative advantage of healthy conditions and the operation of a business.

In this context, BSE pioneered the creation of the Hellenic Institute for Health and Safety at Work (ELINYEA), which has been an important result of the cooperation and consensus of employers and employees in Greece on promotion and promoting health and safety issues in Greece (Art. 7 ESSSS 1988, Art. 6 ESSSS 1991 – 1992). Since then, he has been actively involved in his Board of Directors as well as in all of his actions and initiatives aimed at providing scientific and technical support as well as promoting Occupational Health and Safety in Greece.

At European level, improving the health and safety of the working environment is an essential element of social and economic well-being and progress and is a commitment of EU Member States which, through the European Health and Safety Strategy, focus on triple targeting, that is: a. strengthening and establishing aligned national policies; b. improve the implementation of the legislative framework; c. promoting OSH through information campaigns and initiatives.

In this context, BSE promotes the Systematic Management of OSH and seeks, through the development of specific tools, to enhance the efforts of Greek businesses for a modern work environment in matters relating to OSH.

These tools include the standard OSE Guide developed by BSE, with the aim of allowing Greek companies to install and operate (if they do not have them) or improve (if they already have) an integrated Occupational Health and Safety system.

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